Two PS3eyes with CL Studio Lite and Wirecast 4.0.1
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So I’ve been wanting to use TWO PS3eyes with my broadcast for a while now… I was waiting for a solution, but it never came, and thus I was forced to purchase CL Studio Lite as I was told it would permit multiple cameras by creating DirectShow Proxies. So I’ve been trying to set this up with Wirecast, and I just can’t get it working at all…

Attached is an image for my CL Studio Lite rack. When I go into Wirecast, it does infact list “CLStudio Source Shot 1” and “CLStudio Source Shot 2”, but I can’t add either of them to a project and when I view the sources in the source manager, they are blank.

How do I fix this? Or do I have to ask for a refund for CL Studio Lite because it doesn’t work?

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I would like to know this also, but this forum and the products for it seems to be dead (?).


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