Faulty PS3 Eye connection with error code = 80040217
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Hey.. I need help on this very strange camera issue and my d-day is coming very short..
I guess its not the software problem ... as I had same error on different system as well.
I hope its not caused by the extender as its already out of my reach.
Sometimes the camera works fine for very very long time….
I had to replug the cable to get it work on any software.

Could it be the cable? or am I getting something wrong?

and also
How could I reset the camera without replugging the cable? if the issue it not solved

-PS3 Eye connected to 2*15m usb2.0 extender

-Windows 7 64bit
-CL-Eye Driver with Direct Show
-openframeworks / bundled CL-Eye test

-camera disconnecting randomly (still frame on Openframeworks and black screen on CL-Eye Test)
-need to replug the camera to get it work again.
-“ERROR during capture, error code=80040217” alert pops up in <CL-Eye Test>

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Does it happen without the USB extenders?

I have had problems in the past with them. Some times it improved with a _POWERED_ USB hub in the middle

Good luck!

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Did you ever figure out a solution for this? Have a similar issue myself.


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