• CL Eye Platform SDK
      The CL Eye Platform SDK provides developers full access and control over camera usage and manipulation. The APIs provided are exposed as a standard C based functions for portability and ease of use, also included is the full source code of all sample applications that acts as a baseline testing framework.

  • Features
    • Developer License
      Single and dual camera support for non-commercial development use.

    • Advanced Controls
      Configurable sensor control for distortion correction & transforms.

    • Camera Blending & Stitching
      Camera stitching, blending and calibration for camera arrays.

    • Developer Samples & Tools
      Code examples, tools and tutorials to help get developers started.

    • Multiple Input Streams
      Up to 64 simultaneously running camera devices supported.

    • Research Usage
      Optimized for human sensing offering a range of options.

  • Hardware Supported
    Sample Applications
    • Samples in several languages:
      C#, C++, Flash, Java, WPF, XNA

    • CL Eye Baseline Tests

    • CL Eye Multi-camera Tests

    • CL Eye Latency Tests

    • CL Eye Face Tracker

    • CL Eye Stereo Vision

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    Software Specifications
    • Advanced Capture Formats
      Bayer, mono and color support in unprocessed or processed form.

    • Advanced Capture Rates
      Rates from 0.1 FPS (astronomy use) up to 187 FPS for tracking.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Support for 32/64 bit Windows
    • 0.1-187 FPS Frame Rate
    • 320x240/640x480 Resolution
    • RAW Bayer Sensor Data
    • Microsoft DirectShow™ Support
    • Java - Processing.org Wrapper
    • Visual Studio 2005-2010 Projects
    • Comprehensive Camera API