• CL Eye Platform Driver
      The CL Eye Platform Driver provides users a signed hardware driver which exposes supported cameras to third party applications such as Adobe Flash, Skype, MSN or Yahoo for video chat or conferencing. Two modes allow basic compatibility mode and a advanced mode for high frame rate development use.

  • Features
    • Driver License
      Single camera support for personal non-commercial use.

    • Camera Controls
      Fully configurable settings such as resolution, exposure and gain.

    • Chat/Communication Usage
      Rich video chat applications (Adobe FlashAIM/Skype/MSN)

    • Dual Operation Modes
      Offers two modes for basic and advanced usage.

    • Testing Application
      A platform utility for running baseline audio and video tests.

    • Web Video Streaming
      Supports for web based video chat applications.

  • Hardware Supported
    Supported Applications
    • AOL Aim

    • Adobe Flash™

    • - www.cameroid.com

    • - www.ustream.com

    • - www.youtube.com

    • MSN Messenger

    • Skype Video

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    Software Modes
    • Basic Mode
      Featuring frame rates optimized for compatibility with chat usage.

    • Advanced Mode
      Featuring full range of supported frame rates for research usage.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Support for 32/64 bit Windows
    • 15-125 FPS Capture Frame Rate
    • 320x240/640x480 Resolution
    • High Quality Uncompressed Image
    • Microsoft DirectShow™ Support
    • Signed USB 2.0 Driver

    • Windows Installer Application

    • Basic and Advanced Modes