• CL Eye Platform Packs

      CL Eye Platform Packs provide software packages optimized for multi-camera solutions in research and commercial projects. Included is a device management utility and a redistributable library for deployment, also commercial members have access to our support team to help with system integration.

  • Features
    • Commercial Licensing
      Unlimited multi-camera support for research and commercial use.

    • Commercial Help & Support
      Helpful technical support for installation and system integration.

    • Camera Device Manager
      Included platform utility to help you register and activate your devices.

    • Optimized Components
      Access to our library of optimized components and extensions.

    • Redistribution Granted
      Device licensing credits for distribution in commercial projects.

    • Software Developers Kit
      Paired with a powerful SDK which has platform examples and utilities.

  • Hardware Supported
    Commercial Applications
    • Augmented Reality

    • Computer Vision

    • Human Computer Interaction

    • Robotics/Depth Sensing

    • Video Conferencing

    • Video Surveillance

    • Quality Control Systems

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    Commercial Support
    • Commercial Forums
      Access to commercial members discussion forums.

    • Commercial Ticket System
      For technical question and support on installation or integration.

  • Product Specifications
      Packs come in a range of 2-16 credits to best suite your application. Upon purchasing credits will be added to your account and available for use.

    • CL Eye Dual  - 2 Camera Credits
    • CL Eye Quad - 4 Camera Credits
    • CL Eye Octa  - 8 Camera Credits
    • CL Eye Hexa - 16 Camera Credits