Trouble getting PS3 cam to connect to skype.
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I have currently been using this program, and it is incredibly useful! I have manged to get the mic to connect to steam, but skype can’t seem to pick up the camera. The only reason I can think of for this problem is that the camera is under CL devices in the device manger, not under Imaging devices. Am I doing something wrong? I am currently running windows 7 64-bit and the camera works perfectly with the testing program.

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this is all i do to get the PSEye to work on skype.

Once you’ve opened and signed into Skype, at the top look for the drop down menu called “Tools” then go down to “Options…” another window pops up. now on the left side of the window should have some columns/drop down tabs, in the “General” tab, now “Audio Settings” once in there to the left side of the window you will see 3 drop down menu’s, the one saying Microphone click on the drop down menu and you will see something that say’s and looks like this “USB Camera-xx.xx.xx.x” that will be the PSEye’s Microphone, now make a noise and the green bar should move and there ya go.

now for the Video
still under the General Column, the 4th button should say “Video Settings”, once in there, you will see an Icon with this text next to it “Webcam” now to the left of the text “Webcam” should be a drop down menu(only if more than one video devices plugged in) click on it and select “PS3Eye Camera” then in the box below the drop down menu you should be seeing what your PS3Eye is pointed to. after you’ve done all this just hit the button at the bottom right corner that say’s “Save” then it closes the window and it SHOULD all be working fine.

if this doesn’t help or you’ve already tried it, try updating Skype or getting the latest PS3Eye driver’s in the download section. download the one that say’s “CL Eye Platform Driver” and click on the Button “Download Now! Single Camera”

also, try my previous post for info

also, here is the post that has my video’s in case they may help too.

i hope this helps in some way for you.


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