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Recently converted an eyetoy to so it’s easier to mount and can change lenses (M12 thread), thought some might find this useful.

1. Project_Box.jpg - Drilled some holes in a project box, lens hole is 14mm diam.

2. Plate_Front|Rearvie.jpg - Made a little collar for the lens, tapped it 12 x 0.5mm, glued it into the hole.

3. Packing_Sideview.jpg - PCB mounted, I packed it out 6mm. Note the collar needs to extend far enough inside the box so it’s just shy of the PCB to control internal reflections. Also microphones were removed, you can probably take out the LEDs too (maybe replace with normal diodes) but I just blacked them out.

* In hindsight this packing scheme is not so good because it’s too difficult to get placement exact, I can build sub-mm but really it needs to be in sub 40um (1/1000”) range. Next time I’d get the front plate 3D printed, more accurate and definitely easier, but would add about $50/camera.

4. Assembed.jpg, all put together, output is via DB9 plug. The extra wires go into sensor chip VSYNCH, FSIN, 3V3, GND, first two have been discussed before, second two are because if you want to plug this into an MCU (5V) as I am doing you need reference voltages to get your level shifting to work.

5. All done.

* I have dimensions for the above written down somewhere, if I get round to it I’ll put them up as PDF. Also if I draw up a front plate for 3D printing I’ll put it up as STL.


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Wow thats looking like a very nice design David, I’m sure the custom lenses help a bunch! Would love to see more of this and thanks for sharing smile

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Another way of making it compatible with standard M12x0.5 lens is replacing original lens holder with an OEM 18mm hole spacing holder. You can buy one from M12 Lenses.



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