Sony Vegas 9.0b
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I’m running Windows 7 32-bit. Until a couple of hours ago I was running 64 bit so I’ve seen the drivers running in both.

When I try to use the camera with Sony Vegas (the actual capture application is Sony Video Capture 6.0 which is included with and called by Vegas) I get the following error:

The device 'PS3Eye Camera' could not be opened.
Please make sure that it is turned on and not being used by another application or user

It will say this even when booting clean and only using the capture app.

It will also say it if I run the test app. (I thought I’d try that to see if I needed to init the cam first)

The red light does not activate in the app, only the blue.

On my XP Laptop both red and blue lights show. (But I don’t have Vegas on the laptop to test it with)

Anyone run into this?

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So the camera does not work in the Test application that ships with the driver? Could you post a screenshot of your test application and or the exact message you get?

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It works with the test app that ships with the driver.
But It does not work with the app that comes with Vegas.

I ran the Vegas capture app both with and without the driver test app running to see if it had an effect on Vegas’ ability to contact it but no luck. And the reboot was to test it without anything else locking down exclusive access to it.

I can’t use the test app as a capture source as once I get up to a minute and 30 seconds the audio falls out of sync. I’m guessing that
is when it pages out to the file for the first time? I’ve tested with work file volumes from 1 to 10 gig in size.

cheers smile


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