Microphone/Sound Issues :)
Posted: 27 February 2010 05:33 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello Community.

I would like to thank code laboratories for developing the web cam driver for windows! smile Finally I can use it, even though Sony should come out with drivers to do it anyways. Anyways from my research I think I remember reading that the microphone on the web cam currently doesn’t work yet. Will it ever though? That would be a amazing achievement once people are allowed too. Anyways….

The web cam is working perfect. But I do have a microphone (separate, that’s I use which is a headset.) The mic is connected the right way and works perfect. But when I try to use it during the web cam I don’t have much luck. There’s three (3 or 4) different inputs I can change to see if the microphone works. I choose each one and they all don’t work. This is all showing from the program CL-Eye Test. When I have the program running and go to Devices I see all my microphone jacks in my computer. I tested each selection and no sound for my mic. So I’m pretty positive it has to be something within the driver that it doesn’t work. If needed, I’m currently using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Can any the developers help me out?

P.S. Thanks for the drivers! smile It makes me happy that I can finally use my PS3 web cam on my PC. Even though it should have worked outta the box.

Andrew “progz”

Edit: Actually I have no problem now. For some reason with the test program its not picked up. But when I went on the site tinychat my audio was getting picked up. So I guess I’m all set up! smile


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