is it possible to record simultaneously with multiple cameras from this software?
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Will your package allow me to simultaneously record from multiple cameras?

I have downloaded the free trial version of the software and activation for 2 PS eye cameras.

I have connected each camera to a separate display, and I can see their output but when I hit the capture icon on the display window, nothing happens. Is this turned off in the free version or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks

Andy Philippides

University of Sussex

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This would be considered multi-directshow, let me ask Alex and see where we stand on this, would be really cool feature.

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I have a similar question.  I have the paid driver, but can’t seem to capture from more than one ps3eye at a time.  Though both cameras appear in the Windows Device Manager, only one appears to be available via directshow.  Is there a way to use both via directshow?


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