Image offset in openframeworks
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Hi Guys,

I have built a simple OF project where i look for change in an incomming image. I use a playstation eye with a wide angle lens. Im using the CL-eye driver on windows 7.

I get a problem in my runtime after a couple of hours, where my image gets offset in the horizontal direction.

The error looks like this: YaHgwQY.jpg

Im initializing the camera using this snippet:


And grab the picture using this snippet:

if (vidGrabber.isFrameNew()){
unsigned char * pixels = vidGrabber.getPixels();
colorImg.setFromPixels(pixels, camWidth, camHeight);

Do you have any idea on what might be causing this issue? Could it be a hardware or driver issue?

Kind regards


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We’ll at least it looks cool! smile Have you tested with the default “Test Application” - This will tell you if it is problem with hardware or framework (which is doubtful considering)

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I ended up swapping the camera to another. Havent seen the problem since.

I had modified the USB wire by cutting it and resoldering it because I needed to mount the camera inside a box. That might have given some noise on the USB connection.


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