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Microsoft Xbox Kinect Device Overview

Xbox Kinect consists of the following USB devices:

•  Generic Hub
•  NUI Audio
•  NUI Camera
•  NUI Motor

NUI Audio

The Audio device provides combined audio from Kinect’s four microphones. It also provides hardware noise cancellation by subtracting the TV’s game audio and accounting for the 3D layout of the room.

The Audio device has the following endpoints used for data transfer:

•  Endpoint 0x81 - IN, Bulk, 512 bytes
•  Endpoint 0x01 - OUT, Bulk, 512 bytes
•  Endpoint 0x82 - IN, Isochronous, 524 bytes
•  Endpoint 0x02 - OUT, Isochronous, 72 bytes

NUI Camera

The most interesting and useful device, the cameras provides both color and depth images.

In addition to the default 0x00 control endpoint, the Camera device has:

•  Endpoint 0x81 - IN, Isochronous, 1920 bytes
•  Endpoint 0x82 - IN, Isochronous, 1920 bytes


NUI Motor

The Motor device controls the actual motor for tilting the Kinect. In addition, the motor device allows for the readout of the built-in 3 axis accelerometer data. The Motor device uses only control endpoint for all the data communication.

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