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1.0 - CL-Eye Platform Features

      CL-Eye Platform Driver
    1. CL-Eye Core Driver
    2. CL-Eye DirectShow Component (Registered AX Filter)
    3. CL-Eye Test Application

      CL-Eye Platform SDK
    1. CL-Eye API Samples (AS3/C#/C++/Java)
    2. CL-Eye Directshow Component API
    3. CL-Eye Multicam Component API

      CL-Eye Platform Packs
    1. Ultimited Camera Support
    2. Commercial Redistribution Licensing
    3. Dual, Quad, Octa and Hexa Packs

    4. Activation Tutorial
      - Step 1) Download the Latest CL-Eye Platform SDK
      - Step 2) Install the SDK and run the CL-Eye Device Manager
      - Step 3) Login using your CL-Eye Member Account (from website)
      - Step 4) Add Credits to your account or use existing credits to activate cameras.
      - Step 5) Once activated the status field will turn green it will deduct the credits used.
      - Step 6) View the provided SDK examples to get started using the cameras.

1.0a - Documentation Chapters

1.0 - CL-Eye Platform Documentation (Overview)
2.0 - CL-Eye Platform Driver Documentation
3.0 - CL-Eye Platform SDK Documentation
4.0 - CL-Eye Platform Packs Documentation

1.2 - CL-Eye Platform SDK Samples

    1. C#, C++, Flash, Java, WPF, XNA
    2. CL-Eye Baseline Tests
    3. CL-Eye Multi-camera Tests
    4. CL-Eye Latency Tests
    5. CL-Eye Face Tracker
  • CL-Eye Stereo Vision

1.4 - CL-Eye Platform Downloads

Download CL-Eye Driver
Download CL-Eye SDK