Capture apps OTHER than CL-Test limited to 30fps with ps3 eye
Posted: 14 February 2012 08:20 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Testing with amcap, windows media encoder and V1 Home (golf swing analysis with video capture) none of them will record over 30fps.  I have the cleye.config file in place and with CL-Test I can get 640x480 @60fps according to media player classic and AVICodec utility.
With Amcap, under Options - video capture pin, when Camera Properties opens up I don’t get any 60fps options, only 30 and 15fps options.
With WME I can set it to 60fps but still only get 30 in the recorded file.  Interestingly, WME also seems to think the native camera format is 320X240 and I don’t have a dialog box or anything to change that.
I’m running Win XP Pro 32-bit with SP3 and the latest CL driver.
Any ideas what to do to get other apps to see the 60fps capability?


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