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Hi all,

I’m struggling with calibration of two PS3 cameras. I downloaded the CLEyeMultiCamWFPTest application and tested it successfully. I need to make some modifications on this test application but I couldn’t understand some methods. As I understand from the SDK sample,

        We can create a camera device and use as below:   
          Guid guid0 = CLEyeCameraDevice.CameraUUID(0);
          Guid guid1 = CLEyeCameraDevice.CameraUUID(1);


      and we can also write such a code to create a camera device:

          IntPtr camera1 = CLEyeCameraDevice.CLEyeCreateCamera(guid0, CLEyeCameraColorMode.CLEYE_COLOR_RAW,  CLEyeCameraResolution.CLEYE_QVGA, 30);

          but i couldn’t find how to use this “camera1” camera device:
          because we can not assign cameraImage1.Device
          then how can I use this camera?

And I want to ask another question to the experienced users:

The camera devices has Stop and Start methods but no Pause method. How can I add a Pause method?

Thanks in advance,

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