Please help me: New to this (Driver Download Issues)
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I am having some problems downloading the CL-Eye Driver (CL-Eye-Driver-
The problem is, I start to download the file everything’s going okay until a minute or so into downloading then a pop-up shows up and say “Downloading Timed Out” (Or Something Similar. It doesn’t have a download error type or anything, just says that.
I pressed the ‘Show Details option to see what was going wrong and it says the following in order that I put it:

Closing applications…
Uninstalling the previous version of the driver…
Installing Prerequisites..
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 already installed
Downloading CL-Eye driver files…

I have tried everything from deleting every file and re-downloading/installing to using a different web. browser.
I’m currently using a 64-bit Operating System (OS)
With 150GB+ memory space left, I don’t think it takes that much memory for one download.
All of the other downloads like the multiple cam. and Free Driver/SDK file all download perfectly fine with no errors.
I am just trying to use my PSEye for Skype that is all.

Is there anyone that can help, it’ll be greatly appreciated, hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks for your support.

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At me the same problem. I live in Russia. Help me too


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