PS3 Eye Not Detected
Posted: 16 June 2011 06:46 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Whenever I use applications located in CL-Eye Platform SDK/Bin, like CLEyeFaceTracker or CLEyeWinFormsTest, they run successfully and the PS3 Eye camera is detected.

However, whenever I try to compile the same code found in the /Samples folder, I get the error that the PS3 Eye Camera cannot be detected.

I have tried building these projects using both Code::Blocks and Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express and I get the same error with both. I made sure to enter all of the necessary libraries, ect, into the respective IDEs as well. I’m very new at this so I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious. Also, I am on Windows 7 x64.

I tried looking through the forums to find a similar question, but I didn’t see one, so please excuse me if the same question has been asked before.

Thank you.


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