Installing CL/PS3 Eye Driver in under 2 minutes on Windows 7
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** EDIT: ** Issue fixed by uninstalling a few times in the Device Manager, and then changing the USB hub for the webcam.


I followed your steps, having previously uninstalled AlexP’s drivers from a while ago and unplugging the webcam. Those drivers used to work, albeit at a very low FPS.

Whereas your computer calls the installed camera “PS3 Eye camera”, mine is listed as “USB Camera-B4.04.27.1”.

When I try to update the drivers in Device Manager, it tells me that the best drivers are already installed. How do I get rid of the old driver and make sure that my computer now recognizes this webcam as the “PS3 Eye Camera”?

Thanks a lot.

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to anyone else with similar issues..
i solved this issue by doing the following:

1) first uninstall and delete the “USB Camera-b4.04.27.1” drivers.
make sure you chek the option to delete this drivers

2) unplug the cam and plug it back again

3) now the OS should try to download the drivers ,STOP IT from doing that..

4) then from the device manager use the update driver option and point it to your cl-eye file’s folder in your HDD.

hope this helps.

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Hi Guys,
I am new first members,
I read multitouch and I interest it!
I bought PS3EYE that I read UGI about best PS3EYE
Install CL-EYE and not work, I read all CL Forums, nothing

my lab at den room -
AsRock 775i65G (Intel 865G chipset) with Windows7 won’t work PS3EYE but IBM Camera Pro ([email protected], no auto-force) is working
I go another HTPC at Media Center Living Room
ASUS P5LD2 (Intel 945P Chipset) with Windows7, it is working PS3EYE

How I need PS3EYE to AsRock 775i65G with Windows 7
Help me?


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