PS3 Eyecam driver issues - Kernal mode driver update
Posted: 28 March 2011 09:27 AM   [ Ignore ]
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in december 2010 i downloaded the CL eye platform driver, i think when i first used the driver it was version 3.something. Everything worked fine after installing and i could use my eyecam as a webcam. This lasted about 2 months then when i plugged the camera in to use it one day it would not work. I messed around for a while and then decided to un-install and try again as i could not get it working.

Now whenever i re-install the CL eye platform driver (latest version) i am having problems. The installation goes ok but when i connect the camera it does not work, there is no picture in the eye test software. After the installation i am prompted to re-start and when i do a windows update kicks in, its an update for kernal mode driver framework which seems to be attached to the driver files (i can get the update code if needed) only this update will not configure correctly so does not install. It then send my computer in to a loop of re-booting trying to configure updates and re-booting again. It re-boots 3 or 4 times before actually coming back on. This happend even with windows updates turned off. When the computer finaly re-boots the camera still does not work. The microphone works fine. I was not prompted for any updates or anything like that when i used the older version (3.something). Is there any way i can get this older version again?

I am running windows vista home premium (32bit) on service pack 2

Any information would be a big help as i am stuck!!



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