ps3 camera stuck @ boot
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im not sure if its the driver/software related but when i have my ps3 camera connected to my machine, my system wont go pass the splash/boot screen. (the screen where it display hit del for bios).
as soon as i unplug the camera the system continued to boot normally.

my mobo is asus p8p67
win7 64 bit sp

please advise

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i’ve gotten this as well ever since i started using the older drivers. just got to unplug it before you either restart or turn it on. other wise it does Hang on the splash screen, it’s not always though, there has been a couple times it’s gone past it, but not often. so basically, just make sure it’s unplugged before restarting or starting it up. unsure of how to fix it unless it’s a setting in the BIOS/CMOS that might do something but I’m unsure.

also, i think this is a problem with the camera it’s self, i don’t think it’s any thing to do with the driver. but i could also be very wrong… but it’s just my guess.


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