Kinect: Image corruption and app crash - Help
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I seem to be having a problem with the camera image. It starts with video corruption - the feed gets very choppy (see attached) - then VSHOST32-CLR2.EXE crashes. This happens in CLNUIDeviceTest and in a separate project that I created with only the camera feed thread.

Here are my specs…

HP Pavilion Laptop
Intel Core2 Duo / 2GHz
Windows 7 x64
Only 1 Kinect attached (no other USB devices)

Visual Studio 2010
C# / WPF Project

Memory and CPU usage were fine (CPU was only about 35%). I tried the build with optimization, without optimization, with .NET 4.0, with .NET 3.5. I have the latest NUI driver (from 12/10). I’m all out of ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


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It appears as though you are getting a combination of the the raw ir image as you can clearly see the dots. I don’t know if that helps but it is strange if you are just using the demo project because It only displays the depth image and the RGB image.

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I had the same problem.

The problem is the StopNUICamera function.
Everytime you start the program it create the camera but you canĀ“t destroy it so next time you run your program it creates the next camera and thats the result: a corrupt image.

When you start the program the first time it works, right?

The only solution switch the framework, use the preview version of CLNUI or wait for the next release.

I found openNI and in the google group for openNI I found a modified Prime Sense Driver for Kinect.
The cameras in Kinect are from Prime Sense.

It works very well.
By the way,
OpenNI has Skeleton Tracking which works very good.

When you have questions about OpenNI you can write me a PM wink

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I am having the same problem. The image is choppy and then the application crashes. My hardware is:

HP Compaq 8000 Elite Convertible Minitower PC
Windows 7 Enterprise
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83Ghz
64-Bit Operating system

The strange thing is, the Kinect worked the first few times I had it out of the box but now it just crashes….

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