raw depth format (spec mismatch?)
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i have gathered lots of good and valuable depth information with a 640x480 11 bit buffer (16 bit aligned), at 30 FPS which is awesome. but i cam accross a spec, saying that the kinect supports 320x240 16-bit depth at 30 FPS. So i guess either the spec is wrong, or the raw data is processed in some way (ease of use??)

i also noticed the black bar, btw. and some very strong shadow artefacts…. some people don’t have this bar. is there still something to be done in the driver, or is it just a shadow that comes by design of the kinects depth cam?


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The depth image from the IR camera is processed by the on-board PrimeSense ASIC. As a result of this the disparity map is generated and it is as you said 640x480 11-bit. The black bar is the result of the on-board processing and it is normal. Once you rectify the images from both sensors this black bar will disappear.



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