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I have been here for a while, But it might be a good idea to introduce myself.

I am Sean, and I work in High-End computer technology as well as Entertainment industry in Technology.

At this point in time I write software, and consult on systems integration, and work with Video Technologies.

I have been using CL technology before CL existed and it was just AlexP writing the Windows XP driver for the PS3 Eye Camera.

In other technologies, I work in 3D Stereoscopics, Data Aquisition, and telemetry.

I also fly Gliders (Sailplanes) as a hobby.

Nice to meet everyone.


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Nice to meet you Sean.

I think you might have started an introduction thread here, so I’m going to introduce myself also.

I’m Khaled and I’m currently in higher education (university) studying Multimedia Technology and Design at Brunel University in West London.

I have worked on multimedia streaming and delivery services as well as live production. I’ve started teaching myself C++ this year to coincide with my final year project which has something to do with… you guessed it smile PS3 Eye cameras.

My coding experience is not the greatest, so hopefully some people on here can give me a few pointers from time to time help me overcome those suicidal coding moments.

I’m always trying to help out so hopefully some people on here can benefit from the experience I have gained.



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