raw bayer mode with ps eye
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i’m trying to get raw pictures from my ps eye on linux (patched gspca-driver from kaswyweb), but unfortunatly did not succseed til now. I have got datasheets from both, the ov7220 and ov534 chip and changed the initial settings of some registers to bayer raw 8bit, but i only get very noisy pictures. sometimes one can see objects but all coverd with noise. after matching a bayer pattern on the greyscale picture i get colered noise. there are example pictures attached (original greyscale image and this image multiplicated with a bayer pattern). does the bayer raw picture have to look like this or is the raw mode not correctly initialized? what do i have to do to enter bayer mode? There is not much explanation in the datasheets, so if you could help, it would be great.

Thank you

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That doesn’t look like Bayer pattern. For comparison you can install the CL-Eye Platform SDK and use Bayer mode settings to capture images and see how it looks like. Enabling Bayer mode involves setup of many registers and its not trivial. Having a reference image to go by will hopefully help you in your work.



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