Advice needed on offloading the CV processing…
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Hi, I’m building an autonomous vehicle using a SLAM algorithm. I am planning on using 2 PS3 eye cams for the CV.  The problem is that I won’t have enough processing power on board to perform the SLAM operations that I need to.

As the users of this forum know this camera well, do any of you have any ideas how I can create a wireless link for the video back to a server? as a long shot, is it possible to get a composite signal out of the camera? if so I can use a commercial video transmitter to bring the signal back.  If not, are there any real (not vapourware) options for wireless USB that would be compatable with the PS3 Eye?



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The PS3Eye outputs digital signal only. As it is USB 2.0, it would be hard to find a USB to wireless converter out there. One solution would be to compress the video from the camera and then transmit it over the long range wifi link. This might be difficult because as you said you have limited amount of precessing power on board. Another option would be to use more powerful CPU to do what you need to do. And yet another option would be to just use analog cameras connected to the analog video transmitters.


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