I cannot get the Eye to function with MSN or AIM.
Posted: 01 May 2010 09:47 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I would definitely appreciate any help anyone could offer. First, I’m running 32 bit Vista. I have the latest version of the CL-Eye driver and the latest version (to my knowledge) of MSN Plus, or rather Windows Live Messenger Plus.

The camera seems to be, for all intents and purposes, functioning perfectly. It works in the CL-Eye Test as well as in other programs. It even shows up properly when I go to Audio and Video Setup in MSN. I get an error about the microphone, but I have switched to a different microphone and no longer get that error.

The problem is that, although the camera shows up and functions in Audio and Video Setup, “Actions -> Video -> Show My Webcam” is grayed out. When I start a video call with someone, I get the picture of a webcam with an X over it for my video, and the person on the other end sees gray. I then tried running it through ManyCam 2.4, and I got the exact same issues. It showed up in ManyCam, the ManyCam feed showed up in MSN’s Audio and Video Setup, yet MSN acted as if I had no webcam and showed a pure gray screen to the person on the other end.

If it’s at all relevant, I’ve had similar (but not the exact same) issues with the Eyetoy before this not working in MSN, but it did work on everything else, including AIM. I’ve not yet tested AIM with the Eye.

Edit: AIM does not work, either. I uninstalled the driver I had and reinstalled the newer version that was added (Version: I still have the exact same issues with MSN; AIM simply tells me I don’t have a camera.

Edit 2: The camera functions when doing a direct upload to YouTube, too. Just not MSN or AIM, which are the only programs I want it to work with…


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