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Posted: 23 February 2010 03:24 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi Guys,

I just downloaded the new driver and played a little bit with the different resolutions and framerates. All worked with no problems, but suddenly (and I didn’t change anything) every higher fps rate than 40 won’t work properly. And that only on 640x480, on 320x240 I can go up to 125 fps and it runs smoothly.

I have Windows 7 x86, 4gb ram, Intel core2duo 4300 @ 2.6ghz and a Nvidia Geforce 8800gtx.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: ah… sorry, I just saw that I posted in the wrong section :(

Edit2: ok, I restarted my PC twice and now it works… after my first restart I had the same problem like before but now..^^’

Anyway it’s a great driver ^^


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