Dual PS3 Eye cameras for streaming
Posted: 19 January 2016 07:03 PM   [ Ignore ]
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If this has been answered please direct me to the correct post and delete this one.

I am very noobish when it comes to writing code and after reading some things online I assumed I knew how to set this up. My issue is this, I want to run two PS3 Eye cameras at the same time in Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). I have been running one for awhile now with no issues but when I purchased a second one it does not give me an option to use two. I went ahead and purchased the dual CL pack thinking that it would allow you to use 2 cameras at once. I assume you have to write some code as well though in order to get it to work. If someone would give me some advice on how to get two separate instances of the camera working at 640x480 @60fps each I would greatly appreciate it.


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