Unable to load DLL ‘CLEyeMulticam.dll’  -  Error in C#
Posted: 15 August 2015 11:42 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I have gotten this error before when using a PS3 camera but was able to fix it by installing the Dev SDK.  However this time I had my application working fine for weeks and only encountered this error when I tried changing my target .NET framework and experimented with building my app for x64.  It happens whenever I try to use a function from the DLL.  I more or less copied the C# sample for doing the DLLImport’s.

Now any time I try to run the sample code or my own code I get this error.  I reset my target framework and put my build back to “Any CPU” instead of x64 but I still see the error whenever I use any CLEyeMulticam function.  Does anyone know how to get around this error?  Or what my VS settings should be to avoid this?

Also, I haven’t been able to find the DLL on my system anywhere… it was working before so I don’t think that is the issue, but it is certainly confusing.

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