Having trouble with Ps eye fps settings in Skype
Posted: 15 October 2014 07:47 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi, guys.
I have an issue with my camera. It is flickering at standart 640x480 30 fps set. When I try to change the preset in test program, it is OK at 50 fps. But the change of the settings won’t save after restarting the program or pc. I solved this problem by typing 50 in capture video option and setting the check box active near it. Now the precet is 640x480 50 fps by default when I launch the test program. But in Skype it is still at 30 fps, flickering terribly like hell. In Skype camera options there is no fps settings, only grain, white balance, etc. So my question is how the bloody hell can I change and save ps eye camera fps settings in Skype??


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