PS3 Eye SDK won’t give 50fps and creates strange image swaps
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I’m tryin to record a video in form of .bmp images but encounter two problems:

When looking at the image timing i see that i cannot get 50fps to work properly.
Although I create a cam with:


cam[i] = new CLEyeCameraCapture(windowNameguidCLEYE_COLOR_RAW

i get the frames captured with about 80ms difference.

Also, i have strange swaps of images, which seem like an image is somehow buffered and saved later. Or it took some more time to save the image or whatever. Meaning that images that appear earlier or later in the image timeline description do not fit to the flow of the other images within this time window.

My code to record the images is the following:

// Resize Image to fit screen size

//save Image to disk with date and time
//format image string -- TODO insert fast formatting here:
            //clear string

//complete filname        
            //sstm << prefix << _participant << i << "-" << "h" << st.wHour << "m" << st.wMinute << "s" << st.wSecond << "ms" << st.wMilliseconds << suffix;
sstm << prefix << _participant << << "-" << st.wHour << st.wMinute << st.wSecond <<  st.wMilliseconds << suffix;
image_name sstm.str();
char *image_name.c_str();

//try to save image
try {
(cpCapImage); //bmp = speed!
catch (runtime_errorex{
(stderr"Exception converting image to PNG format: %s\n"ex.what());


which is based on the multicam example.
I would appreciate any help.

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This might be due to your hard drive speed. Are you using SSD hard drive?
A better approach would to to create a queue of captured images and use separate thread to save them to the disk.

Something like this:

(Capture Thread) -> Queue -> (Image Save Thread)

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thank you for your reply

i figured the swaps might be to wrong spelling and image viewer confusion, I’ll check for that when managed the framerate.
unfortunately even with saving as .bmp i do not get 50fps out of this 640x480 rgb.

i think threading is a good idea but is this possible within the run() loop of this class ? if yes, what would be a way to start (reading?) ?

I’m not very familiar with threads.

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HI there
I am a green hand in image processing area.And i am looking for an image SDK which supports to create image or process image directly.My previous image tool can not work after my updating.It is more convenient for me to own a fine tool.So is there any other recommendation?Thanks a lot.


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