Various problems with audio and programs
Posted: 20 June 2012 02:56 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’ve had you driver for as long as I had a Pseye, but All the time I notice issues which I need soritng out half the time. One of the biggest problems is the audio is incredibly unreliable. when first used it’ll work ok, but after that, the audio goes horribly scratchy and static-like and will persist until I remve the device and reinstall it. Other times that doesn’t fix it.

Also, in windows live movie maker, the thing just does not register at all. No hlpe from google about a solution either. It works in MSN (albiet with the above issue) and various places like Youtube and Facebook (but only in 32-bit mode) but not in Wndows Live movie maker. Also, in facebook it freezes the video after a shorttime. Whether this is the FB program or the driver, I have no clue.

Any help greatly apprieciated.


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