No Audio in Windows XP x86 32bit
Posted: 05 January 2010 04:40 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Windows XP Home(32bit, AMD Turion):
I have installed the driver (, and it finished successfully. Camera test works, webcam test works, and it works in Skype. However, I can’t get the audio working. Skype hangs when options are accessed. Control panel>sound devices crashes when testing the audio driver(USB Camera-B4.04.27.1 set as the default for recording). Here is the error message:

“An error occurred during DirectPlay Voice setup.
The error code is 0x80004005”


“Windows cannot execute DpvSetup.exe, use Add/Remove Programs control panel to install it.”

Is this a program that I was supposed to install separately?

EDIT: I realize now that an audio driver is no part of this package.
      It may be possible to fix this by changing the version of the files: and USBAUDIO.sys


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