Weird picture problem
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Hi. I’ve been using the latest camera driver for some time now, and mostly it works great.

I use it in 640x480 @ 30fps on an EEE PC 901 dedicated to only doing that - transmitting what the camera sees (for monitoring a baby).

However, there’s a glitch that happens every now and again (shows up at random times and disappears after seemingly a random period of time).

I’m 100% sure it’s the PS3 eye driver causing this, because:

a) it doesn’t happen with the integrated webcam
b) it happens under different software that uses the camera (including the driver’s own cam test tool)

So yea, after seemingly a random period of time (say 15 minutes), the picture shifts to the left, and the part that shifted to the left appears on the right, but in black and white. It stays like that for like 2-3 minutes (sometimes only a few seconds) and it normalizes.

I’m attaching a screenshot when working properly and one when glitched.

I tried reinstalling the driver multiple times, installing an older version (3.x something) but nothing seems to help ...

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

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I have same problem can anybody tell me why it happens


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This might be due to the computer performance issue. Please run the dpclatency tool from here and verify that your machine is fast enough for real-time performance.


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