Don’t need all those frames…
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But I do need a fast exposure to minimize motion blur in frame captures.

I don’t think the exposure parameter will help with motion blur, since the rolling shutter means that if exposure is set below maximum, not all lines will be exposed simultaneously.

So, I’m think reducing exposure time with a fixed frame rate won’t help motion blur at all—please comment if I have this wrong.

So, that’s why I want high fps.  I think I need all the lines exposed simultaneously, but for a brief period of time.  So, I can only get what I need by using higher fps.

But, I really don’t need all the frames!  USB bandwidth and processor requirements are impacted as fps goes up.  JAll I need for my application is a fast exposure time, with all lines exposed simultaneously.

Has anyone thought about a hardware hack that would let the camera “think” it was running at higher frame rates, but only send every nth frame?

Alternately, I’m thinking about using a frame synchronized, infrared strobe with variable duty cycle.  If ambient 850 nm infrared light is low enough, this might also effectively eliminate motion blur at lower frames.


Dave Thomas


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