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Im trying to build a basic application that captures video from the kinect RBG to the screen. I was able to to get the serial number of the camera out, and how many devices where connected. Im using OpenCV to output my video, but Im running into a problem. I guess you can say i dont understand or what not but here it is.

int _tmain(int argc_TCHARargv[])

    int KinectCount
unsigned int timeStamp;
char *KinectSerial;
char *KinectRBG 0;
bool startCapture true;
CLNUICamera KinectCamera
KinectCount GetNUIDeviceCount();
KinectSerial GetNUIDeviceSerial(0);
KinectCamera CreateNUICamera(KinectSerial);     

cout << "Cameras connected: " << KinectCount << endl;
cout << "Camera SN: " << KinectSerial << endl;

IplImage *KinectRBG cvCreateImageHeader(cvSize(640,480), 83);

cvNamedWindow("Kinect RGB",1);    
    while (
cvWaitKey(10) < 0)

(KinectCamera,[color=green] KinectRBG[/color]500);
//this function calls for a pbyte value in the second parameter. my question is how can i create such value
                                 // I've seen different examples and i think is a image value that includes HxWxColor resolution but Im not sure can   //any one give me a hand THANKS                    

     /* cvSetData(image, rgb, 640*3);
      cvCvtColor(image, image, CV_RGB2BGR);
      cvShowImage("RGB", image);*/

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