Help!! Executing sample source code for kinect applications
Posted: 27 December 2010 10:10 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi there,

after checking out most of the kinect related posts, I am super excited to run few codes myself to see how the kinect actually work. I must say, I am a complete nube in visual studio and c#  but I really would like to learn. I have been trying to run some of the source codes posted by many experts in this site in the Visual studio 2010 IDE, but I am getting a errors and the programs are not running for me. I installed the CLNUI device test exe file and it works fine on my 32 bit PC, but I cant run the source codes. Can anybody please help me learn how can I run the sample codes in VS C# posted by others to see the kinect’s functionality.

I have been trying to run the KinectData project in visual studio 2010 but cant seem to get it at all. Any help in get me started in this would be utterly appreciated.




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