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I tried to do color tracking with the ps3eye but I realized that the color inside the image is way to weak. I use it with 30 fps.
I also have a Logitech Webcam, which colors are much more briliant and color tracking works fine.
I also tried converting the rgb image into hlv image, but still I do not get sufficiant color seperation.
Is this due to the camera sensor or is it a driver issue? When getting the raw bayer image from the next SDK version, will I be able to get better color results?
Or is there another way to enhance the color quality. I also tried adjusting the gain/exposure/white balance paramters, but without success.



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The PS3Eye camera is set to capture natively in RGB (Bayer) format, so therefore there is no color space conversion involved between camera sensor and your program. Furthermore, the image received by the PS3Eye camera’s sensor is not being modified or enhanced in any way (which might not be true for the Logitech Webcam you are using) therefore the colors are as realistic as they can be. Of course, you can always enhance them in software prior to your color blob tracking (or manually changing sensor white balance parameters).


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