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I installed CL-Eye Driver and whenever I try to make the PS3 Eye work with Skype, I click on video settings and the screen is black with an white exclamation point in a red circle and it says unknown error. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for 2 hours now and have found no solution. Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this??

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When you run the test app do you see the camera output? Did you install the most recent driver?

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first plug in the “PS3Eye” then open the “CL-Eye Test” then make sure under “Devices” that “PS3Eye Camera” and “USB Camera-B4” have a “Check Mark” next to them(See test1.jpg/first picture)
then make sure that “Preview” is selected under “Options”(See test2.jpg/second picture)
now if your seeing your self or what ever the camera is pointed at then so far its working on the test app.
now you can go back in to the “Options” tab and go to “Video Capture Pin…” and select what “Resolution and Framerate” you want or like to use(See test3.jpg/third picture)

(Tip)if you have a dark area i recommend 15FPS, because it seems to work better and look better and brighter for dark area’s.

now, close the “CL-Eye Test” then open skype and sign in. now once your signed in on skype go to “Tools” tab and then “Options” another window should pop up, under the “General” tab on the left, go to “Audio Settings” and make sure that “Microphone” is set to your PS3Eye’s mic, which should be called “USB Camera-B4.04.27.1”(number’s may very) now make some noise and make sure that the bar level is responding to the noise your making(See test4.jpg/forth picture)
now go to “Video Settings” and where it say’s “Select Webcam” set it on “PS3Eye Camera” and make sure its showing you or what ever you have it pointed at(See test5.jpg/fifth picture)
now hit “Save” at the bottom right, and that should be it. now do a video call with some one and make sure its working on there end.
hope this helps. smile


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