Emgucv and CLeye SDK problem
Posted: 18 November 2015 11:55 AM   [ Ignore ]
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i’m trying to capture 2cams at a time and processing them with emgucv(c#). I used these functions. I can’t capture it when i plug two ps3eye cameras on a pc that doesn’t have webcam(i only get 1 capture from these cameras). When i try it on my laptop (which has a webcam) with a plugged ps3 eye cam, i can get images form webcam and ps3eye. How can i fix it?
These are the functions that i used:
Capture capture,capture2;
capture = new Capture(0); //this parameters (0 and 1) determines which camera is going to use. system assignes number to cameras from 0 up to (# of cam-1). 0 for cam#1 and 1 for cam#2.
capture2 = new Capture(1);
Image<Bgr, Byte> ImageFrame = capture.QueryFrame();
Image<Bgr, Byte> Imageframe2 = capture2.QueryFrame();
imageBox1.Image = ImageFrame;
imageBox2.Image = Imageframe2;
this functions sholud get captures from cam#1 and cam#2 and print them to the imagesboxes on the form.
Also i used DirectShowLib to get deviceindexes, but it still detects 1 camera from 2 plugged camera on the system.


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