Constant Driver Corruption
Posted: 17 May 2015 11:32 PM   [ Ignore ]
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it seems after programs use this driver it constantly corrupts the driver and
no amount of reboots and shutdowns can fix this at all, Driver version
not even the CL-Eye Test can see the camera, its just a black screen.

i have to keep reinstalling the driver in order for it to return back to a working
state, Is anyone else getting this problem?
and Yes to the devs my camera is not a fake type its a Sony official as
going thru other posts in here with similar it leads to that question first.

thats not the issue, Camera works but if a program like Free track, FacetracknoIR
opentrack, Skype or anything that Uses the camera *including CL-eye Test *
crashes the driver corrupts and it must be reinstalled before the camera
can be reinitialized, and the problem can be reproduced with ease,
when we started purchasing the driver, id expect atleast an issue
like that would be addressed since its release date which i see is in 2012
and now its 2015.

Can we please get alittle help here like newer versions, can provide system spec information
and data very easily to help get this problem solved as this is also a Fresh install
of Windows 7 64 Ultimate not more then a week old.


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