2 Webcams in Unity - let me get a few facts straight
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When I go to the product page: https://codelaboratories.com/products/eye/sdk/
it clearly says “Developer License: Single and dual camera support for non-commercial development use.”
I am using this for a class project. I understand that there is sample code for using more than one camera at once but nowhere am I finding any way to use each camera individually as a separate USB device, which is EXTREMELY important for my needs (usage in Unity with the oculus rift). If I understand correctly, many customers have bought the “platform packs” to find the same exact issue: no INDIVIDUAL web-cam support which isn’t detailed in any of the product pages anywhere on the website that I have searched.

Is there any way to have INDIVIDUAL feeds, as in I can pull one feed from webcam #1 and another feed from webcam #2 separately, through the SDK or platform packs? What do I need to buy to get this simple feature that should have been included with the driver?

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As a description on our download page says: CL PS3 Eye Driver is only for a single camera. This means only a single camera is exposed via DirectShow to the Windows system.

To get multiple camera streams in your computer you’ll need to use our CL PS3 Eye Multicam SDK.
Included with the SDK comes a suite of C and C# code examples that will get you started with integrating multiple PS3 Eye cameras into Unity. Please take a look at the code examples for more information on how to get individual camera streams.

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I’m a bit frustrated with this myself. While I accept that the single driver is just that, a single camera driver, and that that was stated. I also want to use 2 cameras in OBS and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it after having purchased the SDK. The features in the SDK seem to say that one can use up to 2 cameras with it, so I purchased it. However, there’s no driver with it that I can see, and it in no way seems to enable this feature, at least not easily. I sent a message to support, and I pray that compiling code isn’t the answer I seek. I just want to use two cameras.

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Same frustration here.
I assumed that windows drivers for multicam modes will be added in SDK or extra credits.
I would even pay extra $10 or $20 for the working driver… I guess I’m not alone


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