[SOLVED] No PS3 Eye Detected / Does the SDK Include a Driver?
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I just purchased and downloaded CL Eye Platform SDK  I installed the SDK on both a Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machine with identical results:

1. CL-Eye Device Manager shows no cameras available.
2. CLEyeMulticamWPFTest displays “Could not find any PS3Eye cameras!” 
3. Device manager shows camera installed as OTHER/USB Camera-B4.09.24.1
4. Tried a different camera on a different port with same results.

I read some of the related forum posts and gather that there should be a driver installed for the camera which appears under the “CL Devices” category.  It was also recommended to manually specify the device driver for the camera but the author did not specify the path to the driver.  I have not been able to find one on either of my systems.

Digging deeper, I used 7-Zip File Manager to unpack CL-Eye-Platform-SDK- and I do not see a driver included in the contents of the SDK.  Should there be a driver?  What is it called and where do I find it on my system?

I purchased the standalone driver and installed it, now everything works as expected.  Sorry, this wasn’t obvious to me.  When I clicked the link to purchase the CL-Eye Platform I was taken to a page with TWO options:

1. CL PS3 Eye Driver - Windows XP/7/8 for Users

Provides audio/video functionality with a single Playstation 3 Eye camera.

2. CL PS3 Eye Multicam SDK - 2+ Cameras for Developers

Provides a high performance set of tools that allows for the use of up to 16 PS3 Eye cameras in your projects.

I purchased option 2 and I found no mention in the SDK documentation that the driver is required.  Refer to https://codelaboratories.com/kb/CL-Eye-Platform-Documentation/

Activation Tutorial
- Step 1) Download the Latest CL-Eye Platform SDK
- Step 2) Install the SDK and run the CL-Eye Device Manager
- Step 3) Login using your CL-Eye Member Account (from website)
- Step 4) Add Credits to your account or use existing credits to activate cameras.
- Step 5) Once activated the status field will turn green it will deduct the credits used.
- Step 6) View the provided SDK examples to get started using the cameras.

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Really shouldn’t have had to go back this far to find this info. There is still no documentation showing you have to get the driver separate from the SDK. All I wanted to do was try out using two cameras for head tracking with TrackNoIR. Bought the Platform SDK and got nowhere with it.

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Agreed. I needed to use multiple cameras (4). First I bought the driver. Then I bought the SDK. Then I bought 4 camera activations. Now I can’t compile the SDK with VS 2017 because it is a 2010 solution. Still no where…days later. Probably going to look at a different solution. I was just trying to use 4 Sony cameras with OBS.

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como faço para instalar a Webcam ps3 playstation eye no meu ps3
colloquei ela no usb do play3 a luz fica ligada porem quando vo nas configuraçoes do play3 aparece pra mim que a webcam nao esta ligada nao parece imagem. O mesmo acontece se eu instalar no pc parece conectada mas nao parece imagem.
tem algum cd de instalaçao ?


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