DirectShow Multicam – available in Platform Packs or elsewhere?
Posted: 26 November 2014 08:31 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi. I have been using the simple driver and am happy with it, although so far I haven’t been able to get it to pipe both sound and video to a streaming application (OBS) at the same time. Whenever I activate the sound, the video will not be available and vice-versa.

However, that is not a big problem as microphones are cheap anyway. What is a problem is that I would really like to get 2 or more PS3 Eye video inputs as DirectShow sources. From what you wrote in 2012, this is supposedly being worked on. However, I haven’t read anything about mulitcam DirectShow support in Platform Packs or other software.

I would gladly pay the 20$ for the dual-cam pack or 35$ for the quad-cam pack, but only if DirectShow support for all cameras is guaranteed. Has someone achieved this yet?


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