Fps > 75fps with cropped VGA ?
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I’m an engineer/researcher in the field of music.

I worked for several months on a project with the PS3 eyes, and I need to shoot an object with Fps > 75fps (Bayer mode)
QVGA resolution is unfortunately too much coarse and binning artifacts too annoying for my application.

Can we expect to crop images (480 x 320 for exemple by cuting the side of the VGA) to reduce the data acquisition amount for image transfer via USB and can thus increase the fps in VGA at over 75 fps?
I read in the OmnVision datasheet that it was possible at the CMOS sensor level.

It is really very important to me, and I would be willing to pay for the development .
I have no need of B&W or COLOR mode, I only use BAYER, maybe it could simplify development.
If this is possible, I would be interested by hundreds of licenses.



I noticed some errors in the datasheet OmnVision and I corrected below:
(I just find the defaults HSTART strange.)

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